The Void (CANCELLED; MG Interactive Adventure #02)


You see that black line? That’s you.

This is The Void. You can do anything you want here, and make anything you want here, albeit only one thing at a time. That’s the only rule.

What do you do first?


you are in years 2000

right after the y2k incident


It is now the year 2000.

sonichu somehow exits from the black hole, now appearing in some shitty cd cover

You see, void. Then you try to imagine something, Then the void becomes slimey and a block appears.


Jesus Christ, this is already going to shit.

Mission success! You have obtained a Generic Cuboid.

Alex Lifeson appears so you kidnap him and make him play diana sawyer

0009 0010 0011

You don’t really need to kidnap him. He’s right there.

Because you believe Rush is a bunch of prog widdly woo timey wimey fuckshit, you make him play Liquor & Whores instead.

pc appears in your front

sonichu gets killed by guy from the future, why? because internet infamity due to his owner

colors get inverted

you get gnomed

funnnnny xddddddddddddd

Jesus fucking Christ, no!

You do not have enough PLOT BULLSHIT MANA POINTS to produce a PC.


Holy shit, everything looks ugly now!


Sonichu gets razed off the surface of The Void by ???.

random grenades

a PDP looking machine pops up in the foreground without context

Then we suddenly teleport back to the starting phase of the first adventure.

Alex Lifeson starts to play a music, but actually is some kind of ritual, and the void reacts weirdly, and starts to grow up.

You are now alex lifeson