KICQ revives old ICQ clients!

KICQ is a new server (replacement of the old one) that allows you to use old ICQ clients!


Go to and choose the UIN you like. Enter your email and you will receive a confirmation message. Follow the link and after that you will receive another message with a password.

Download QIP 2005 or another old client you like and in the connection settings change server to and port to 5190

Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are not russian, you will need to follow my screenshots if you want to register:

  1. image

  2. image



What clients does it support?

As in mentioned in my email message, QIP 2005. You can download it from here:

I also mirrored QIP setup here: qip2005.exe (3.7 MB)

I tried using my hotmail, and still havent gotten an email, how long does it take, or does hotmail block the emails?
EDIT: Tried using gmail and it worked, looks like hotmail is being stupid, so looks like one number will never be able to be used.

spam folder

wasnt there either.

Thanks Kos, I can now obtain my dream of a low(er) UIN :smile:

I had the same issue as GrumpyCat, although I’m using my own Exchange via Office 365. I ran a message trace for all e-mail received in the past 2 hours, and the message did not appear there, so it seems to be rejected immediately before reaching any mailboxes. You may want to check out and use SNDS, which will allow you to whitelist your server’s IP for Outlook/Hotmail/Office 365 users, and find out why you’re being rejected.



I can’t get in, it just freezes. all changed as in the instructions but still does not work.

Ok, so, i looked at VK page of KICQ and i mentioned this:

Official ICQ 99b-2003b, QIP до версии 8095, Miranda IM все версии, QIP PDA Symbian все версии, BayanICQ, Jimm 0.4.3 и &RQ.


Supported clients: ICQ 99b-2003, QIP until Build 8095, all versions of Miranda and QIP PDA Symbian, BayanICQ, Jimm 0.4.3 and &RQ.

I have work KICQ on 2003b version. I’ll do video tutorial later


где скачать icq 99b-2003?

и че потом делать (я тупой)

Settings -> Host - айпи из группы ВК -> Вводишь ЮИН и пароль, входишь -> Убиваешь процесс с аськой и перезапускаешь его

тэнькю вери матч




в том дело что система у меня русская
а когда я с тобой переписывался у меня тупо сообщения не появлялись твои


в том и прикол

i cant type in russian but how to change my nickname?

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