KICQ revives old ICQ clients!

What do you mean? Maybe, UID? Nohow


Wow, very good to see ICQ being revived!

Thanks. :heart_eyes:

they forgot to mention that icq lite also works

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Guys, an alert! A few hours after I registered a β€œUIN” at KICQ, I received two strange emails from the Opinion Bureau using my personal details (name and nickname) containing referral links to this site. I never signed up on this site. It is quite a coincidence that they use my email address and name that I registered with KICQ to send me these messages.

EDIT.: I went to analyze it better and I think someone got my data here in the forum, after I thanked him Kos_Furler for the KICQ recommendation. Anyway, I deleted my real name and email from the member card.

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Same thing happened with me, if you did anything about it, pm me

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do you have any android port or version

just find any old android client

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which one?

Holy shit icq 5 works

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that didnt affect me , i got my uin with my other email i created and i checked my email again after you said that and that didnt appear

trillian 3.0 works
is it cursed, blessed or blursed?


MobiQ IM does not work on my 4S :frowning:

is android supported on kicq

idk what android app supports these ims

Pidgin does not work it tells me that my password is incorrect. I could not get Windows to work on this old toaster

did you replaced host with the kicq server ip?

Hello guys welcome to kicq news from zzx
as you can see icq 6.5 works but 6.0 didnt because it doesnt have a changable server