Is Mercury Messenger still working?

Problem description: it doesnt connect anymore, even using the right protocols

Error code/error message:“failed to connect to MSN Servers”

What has been tried so far: reinstalling the app

Messenger version: Mercury 4.0.2

Windows version: Android 10

lol, mercury it’s super unstable thing

check here

and here

Still doesn’t work

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contact with Profile - Mateus_Rick - MessengerGeek

and post back.

Follow the instructions on the second post i have tested and it works!!!

Still nothing

did you follow the instructions from here??

Yep, step by step

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I have just tested and discovered that the app only connects with mobile data and it fails to connect with WiFi

@Jose_Tetris can you step in???

No luck with mobile data :cry:

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go on escargot and change your password.otherwise contact with the developer

Tried changing password and longing in using mobile data. Still no luck

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honestly dont know man

mine is working ONLY with mobile data.

try with another mail perhaps?

also add yourself in the discord channel maybe they can help you there.