Download Windows Live Messenger Android (Mod Mercury Messenger)

First of all, thanks to @Allen_Walker for adapting again “Mercury Messenger” to the new escargot server and Escargot Team to repair an make it a more stable server.

:slight_smile: Presentation:
Hello everyone, I’m Jose and I have edited the application Mercury Messenger.

  • Added Messenger name to the shortcut, application and menus.
  • Added new server ESCARGOT.CHAT to the app (thanks to @Allen_Walker)
  • Added the real shortcut icon of Windows Live Messenger (outside and inside the application)
  • Added blue wallpapers and fixed resolution for smartphones with high resolution (fix mosaic mode)
  • Translated more missing texts into Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin-Mexico), Spanish (Colombian)
  • Added Escargot servers redirect in login screen for registration account and recoverd password.
  • Partially small translations in Portuguese (Portugal) and Portuguese (Brazil)

I have tried to make the app look like more real WLM as much as possible, within its limitations. :love_you_gesture: I hope you like.

:white_flag: Pictures:

:escargot: Download:

:messenger: Install:

And go to Settings > Account > MSN (Uncheck Signout & Check Use Roaming Photo)

I would like that if you like it, the moderators add it to download to the home too :slight_smile: thanks, regards


Failed to connect to MSN server

Follow the installation steps, especially “Step 6” (msn protocol)
It’s working perfectly

“working perfectly”

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work for you, I’m on right now

my phone is galaxy a10, running android 10 with one ui 2

Does the standard mercury version work for you?
I think that you have any antivirus or protection that does not allow access to the server

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I confirm that it WORKS on ANDROID 10 WITH THE OPTION MSNP15

thank you!!!

Can you kindly rename the app to “windows live messenger”??? Thank you so much