Download Messenger 2009 for Android (Theme for Mercury Messenger)

First of all, thanks to @Mateus_Rick and @tristanleboss for adapting Android Mercury Messenger to the Escargot server: -msnp11-support / 2216 and @Patrik_Heim WLM 2011 Skin for Mercury Messenger :) (v1.1 released!) for creating a WLM 2011/12 theme, and giving me the idea to edit on android.

:slight_smile: Presentation:
Hello everyone, I have edited in a more advanced way the application Mercury Messenger. Adding the real shortcut icon of Windows Live Messenger (both outside and inside the application) and I have made some changes adapting it more to escargot. I have tried to make the app look like the real WLM as much as possible, within its limitations. After several betas I share with you all :love_you_gesture: I hope you like.

:white_flag: Pictures:

:messenger: Installation & Configuration:

And go to Settings > Account > MSN (Uncheck Signout & Check Use Roaming Photo)

:escargot: Descargar:

  • Clic Here (Drive)

  • Mercury Messenger (Edited to WLM 2009)

  • APK Version 1.0 (31 July 2020) -LAUNCHED-

In the future I will correct languages ​​that escargot did not translate 100% and that I have detected, regards :wave:


Cool :slight_smile:

Can i make a hungarian version of your ? because im hungarian i can good translate to hungarian :slight_smile:

Please i will make 100% translation :slight_smile:

Hi, the app contains full Hungarian translation, have you tried it? I will send you the file privately anyway, for you to review :smiley:

oh thanks srry