WLM 2011 Skin for Mercury Messenger :)

I created a wlm 2011 skin for mercury messenger :slight_smile:
This is the Final version of this wlm 2011 skin and I hope you enjoy joy ot!

Download link (Final Release) (“https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-oT1x1cDMtZ3B5LAfG0cjWA9OGbYpPXC/view?usp=sharing”)

Thank you for the downloads :slight_smile:

Big Updates: I added all the emoticons of the windows live messenger 2011 to the apk (But 5 or 4 emoticons are missing and the old 8.5 style emoticons its, because those emoticons i cant replace.) VERY INPORTANT: The emoticons only works and shows up to the other person or your other friend, when he or she has installed the same skin, when its not installed, then it will disappear and only shows the stock mercury emoticons !!!


  1. Click on the link what i posted.
  2. Install the apk.
  3. Log-in with your Windows Live ID (Escargot Live ID)
  4. Enjoy it!



And here is soon 1 Emoticon from wlm 2011 :slight_smile: the happy emoticon


are you happy? it will released at 5 minutes :slight_smile:


HERE IS :slight_smile:

TRY IT IT :)):slight_smile:

Wow you’ve been busy this week Patrik. The link needs a password though, as well as editing the post to add a screenshot and some instructions would be great too.

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this week? i have maked it now this mercury skin.

password? why

im making now the beta 2

I have a question before i add the new emoticons to the mercury: when i add the new wlm 2011 emoticons to the mercury, then it will shows for the another person the new emoticon, or it stay the stock mercury emoticons?

Now im developing the beta 3 Fix

the 3 phase of the beta developement :slight_smile:

I add the new emoticons with the white background, because when i make it transparent, then it shows out ugly.

  • In the final release i will add 100% All of the wlm 2011 emoticons to the mercury messenger
    but now is only 20 emoticons are replaced.

and some of the are buggy.

You guys know what?
I beginn the final release, because i bored :slight_smile:
Probably it is 2 days long, but i will finish.

Final release has been rolled out.

Good contribution, I love it :slightly_smiling_face:
We can talk? I would like to send you a wallpaper with more quality to help you to make the versión 1.1

oh ok but its the final version anyway
i can make a final 1.1 versions
Please send me. )

but you can send me a better style of the wlm 2011’s status frame? wlm 2011 green status

because i used this image, and this was buggy.

You have discord?

when so ist please contact me: :slight_smile: