Mercury Messenger for Android with Escargot support


Okay. Original Resources, URL changed!Akf91vf-lVdJcdRxHJdCJsUCeW8?e=3fJTIs

With offline messages I get this error in the Logcat:

2021-04-03 18:17:42.189 3926-3979/? I/System.out: 04.04.2021 01:17:42.189 (MEM 6.4 MiB) [ERR] Incoming OIM : getMessage() failed
2021-04-03 18:17:42.209 3926-3979/? I/System.out: 04.04.2021 01:17:42.209 (MEM 5.8 MiB) [ERR] Failed to retreive OIM from server (sender = [MsnContact Network=WindowsLive Lists=FL,AL,RL Status=AwayFromComputer])

In the app it is the same error message that you showed before

It says that the package is corrupted

Did you uninstall the previous apk? Or did you update
Edit: there is indeed a problem. give me a minute

First i tried updating, then i tried reinstalling
In both cases, the result is the same

Oh yeah. I seem to forget to sign it xd . It should be fixed by now, I tried it on my phone!Akf91vf-lVdJcdRxHJdCJsUCeW8?e=3fJTIs


Cool, now it works

we have to completely uninstall the previous version?

I unable to connect to the servers

For now, it is not necessary as long as the old domain continues to point to the new one. when that stops happening, then I imagine if the previous version would have to be removed

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The application should be adjusted as in the first post. Since you cannot connect test with the version published by Mateus, this should still work. or check your isp

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The first post is blocked for editing.

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ask @TReKiE

If you’re unaware, on Discourse-based forums, editing of posts is handled a little differently from what people are used to. Unfortunately, last time this came up, it ended baldy doing it the way the forum is designed, so I’ve just edited it myself. If you’re unhappy with my edits in any way, either I’ll do something else to allow editing, or you can just write the changes below.

Thank you both for getting that fixed.

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It can stay like this. The important thing is to find the application working.

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can you inter grade the wlm theme like it used to be and also change the name from mercury messenger to windows live messenger like it used to be??? thanks

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Sorry por the bump but…

Since the Escargot hosts have been changed again, what changes should be implemented to Mercury? in the case of the official client, the following configuration is used:

server =
configserver =

What strings should be replaced? then see if you could help us again to encode the new urls please

Will you continue with this project?

In relation to mercury, it is an app that works but cannot be modified much. It currently works but only that.

Occasionally, escargot’s main server address is updated within the app to keep it running. but nothing beyond that.

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The strangest thing to me is that it only connects with mobile data with Wi-Fi, it does not connect