what does transparent selection do? :stuck_out_tongue:


Makes the image transparent when you copy it :smirk:


yeah its very transparent lol :stuck_out_tongue:




Do you like my design ?
The widgets can be a good idea.




the cool part are the widgets like clock, weather, news, windows media player, spotify and more


I think it looks good!

The News are from MSN News


Looks good. I really do like the idea of the widgets! if we’re able to implement some form of widgets, we have spoify done. [Release] WLM Now Playing on Spotify
This person would just have to implement it into Azure Messenger and the user would just have to do a one time login for it and done. But it just an idea.


Well the developer of azure can use the same technique, just create a window that receive messages, it could be easy to support on my application.


how i make a concept?




Yeah, but I find that its kind of wrong to do that since you created this working version for Spotify. I also feel that it’s be better to have sections for Azure Messenger. One for media sharing , text/chat sending and receiving fixes/bugs, media connection (your application built into it and would run in the background), etc. Like how Microsoft has a group for windows, security, updates, windows phone, etc.

basically in my opinion it kind of seems like reinventing the wheel instead of improving it.


Hey that’s pretty good ! :stuck_out_tongue:


But I feel that Azure Messenger is really coming along even though we aren’t coding anything (From my knowledge of this forum thread). Also if we were to make Azure Messenger, what version of WLM/MSNM would it run (Like the architecture, protocols, services, etc.)? FInalily, Doesn’t Microsoft have something called Azure(?) so would we need to change the name or something to stop possible copyright issues with the name? (IDK just wondering a s precaution)


Pretty sure it was named Azure Messenger because it’s trying to mimic the interface of that Azure. :stuck_out_tongue: