Hello lovers of MSN and computer (or Microsoft) I open this topic because in the future we could finish patched all the MSN and WLM versions so why not CREATE NEW VERSION I propose ONE IDEA: AzureMSN_Messenger or (AMM) for now the project will start if @Trekie @Valtron @Patchou will agree thanks


I propose this LOGO


i agree for now!


propose logos for the software


I will make better logo when finished


ok thanks


why not WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 2019 ( or other year )


Why not but I do not know yet @Trekie or @Valtron have not answered but for now I am working on the prototype of the software over the versions it will change its name: E_MSN MESSENGER (Electrix_Msn_Messenger) you can also offered me logo for the program I envisioned a screen of a project party. If you want to tell me something else answer me and I will answer you Thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:


I finished the prototype OU BETA of Azure_MSN_MESSENGER (it does not work for now) I have to wait for the answer of @Trekie @tristanleboss and @Valtron for messenger more I have to see that with @Patchou give me your view (I did it with Visual Studio 2017)
Thank you to all of you :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


i liked it :slight_smile:


I Loved it my answer is Yes


This is just my opinion, I think the idea is good but it is badly executed, the design can be perfected more.


That’s nice, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


what is azure?


Azure is inspired by Microsoft Azure (but it’s just the name) to make Msn Messenger cooler more functional but in the future it could change its name E_MSN MESSENGER (Eletrix Msn Messenger)


for the design of the prototype I am inspired wlm 2012 or 2011 and the statutes i’ve put just 3 statutes that have subcategories of status that I will send you of that I shall have finished the designed


Do you think this will ever work?

Probably N O T .


Très beau logo


I made the mode Sign in but for now it is in plan 1: to type his email address ESCARGOT and his password (the plan 2 is the loading for this connected) :slight_smile:


very cool