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This seems cool! I think it’d be awesome if someone (either it is Escargot, an individual, or a group) created the next version of MSN/WLM/Azure Messenger and release it to the public. Not to replace Escargot’s already awesome service to revive the original versions of MSN/WLM, but to incorporate the service into the newer versions that would soon follow. I sadly don’t have any friend to use WLM 8.5 to chat with so I’m just speaking my opinion/thoughts as of right now and I can’t wait to try it with some people at some point. But overall, I like all the concepts that all of you have made, and I’m hopeful to see a new version in the near future to possibly compete with Skype (big shot, that’s most likely impossible, but could happen). Finally, I’m new here and if you make a beta version of your software at some point, I’d love to be a beta tester and report any bugs that I would find (also is there a way to beta test newer versions of Escargot’s MSN/WLM clients?).

P.S. I’m sorry for the long reply, just wanted to show my support!:smiley:


I see your message it makes me happy when people appreciate my work not for me alone my for you it’s for you that I do it’s idea unfortunately i am only a computer student so recreates instant messaging which was my childhood all my life give as much courage to go further thank you for your comment @Cave_Johnson ave_Johnson and all of you. @everyone know that we may have lost the battle but we have not lost the war


@everyone here is another poll for AzureMSN interface give your opinion

  • give back the logos I made for the AzureMSN status
  • Keep those of 2009 without changing the design

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You’re welcome, and i don’t feel that the project is dead, more like on a hiatus and will come back soon stronger than ever. Especially when Escargot has all the versions of messenger compatible, then this could be their next option for a newer WLM/MSN messenger application. I also feel like creating some possible concept art as well, but idk. I still have faith that Azure Messenger could be a potential popular new messaging program that has the benefits of MSN messenger and many others.

P.s. when i finish collage and get a coding degree or something along the lines of a technology related degree, I most likely will try and work at microsoft and i could bring up the idea of a possible revival of MSN in a small group there and see what they think, but that’s in the future (and could look and see if they still have the server files for MSN 9-12 and see what their code and help valtron maybe if they cant get it.)


Thank you that’s what you did to try to convince them to revive MSN


that’s the statuses that I redesigned (its old design)



Well, I’m still in high school, but if i get a job at microsoft, I’ll bring up MSN messenger with a small group there and see if they can help Escargot later on. But that’s in time. Also the old designs are quite simplistic but they fit the windows 10 theme with its flat but colorful themes


Some of these could definitively use some work, but overall they are pretty good!


yes, I do agree with you @msnnostalgia, there are a lot of good designs for a possible community made WLM/MSN messenger application. Also, is @Malosito33 hurting anyone by using “@Everyone” like if it was discord? I know it could be annoying to some, but don’t lash out like that to someone you don’t know. I’m 15 and this is actually making me kinda feel like I’m in a bad place if people lash out at others and curse as well. I don’t mind it, but is it really necessary to curse on a forum like MessengerGeek where people come to chat about MSN or AIm or anything else? Just wondering.:slightly_frowning_face:

P.s. I’m NOT driving hate towards you @veselcraft , i’m just saying as a whole since people have already cursed at him before about the whole “@Everyone” thing.

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Hey! I created the blog AzureMSN (it’s a little empty) if you want to visit it’s your choice thank you :slight_smile:


escargot is sorta in a gray legal area; doing that if you get a job at MS might be a bad idea


Why not create your own server for AzureMSN?
(PS: if you want a site for azuremsn i can help with that :stuck_out_tongue:)




Hey, I said possible future… not saying I’m gonna work there or not, but I’d try. also thanks for blessing me with a MSN meme. Also yes I know about the legal area with Escargot. It’s open source so it should be fine for the time being, as long as there is no financial gain and some others.


Made in paint on windows 10


they need to be transparent i think :stuck_out_tongue:


use transparent selection