what i actually did was open cmd and “title Matyi - AzureMSN Messenger” :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a good job !


Hello i’m a new icon !


So uhhh, any updates on Azure Msn Messenger?


I’m trying to improve the basic Azure design but with a Windows 7 and 10 style for a futuristic rendering and for showing how MSN would be in 2018


That looks like WPF, honestly


@everyone TODAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF AzureMSNMessenger it’s been a year since the project is still standing and thank you as a gift in a few minutes an image will be posted to show AzureMSN under a new design


@everyone @Luis_Leandro Heya! I finally finished the interface of AzureMSN I would like to have your opinion for some modification or not a poll will be given. Compare this one with the old one


have o functional server?


the problem is that i would like AzureMSN to connect to the Escargot server


but have a server


what your msn email


if it is possible to be connected to the snail server ok but otherwise I would need or otherwise only create a server which would be a shame :frowning:



Hey Luis sup ?


So you want it to connect to Escargot, AIM and Yahoo?

Yeah good luck with that


Even if I do not know if snail will have a second server especially for Yahoo messenger or Aim


@everyone Hi I would like you to give your opinion on:

  • Keep this interface model (which incorporates the concept of WLM 2009)
  • Improved but with the main operation (The great interface with video/photo sharing etc.) of WLM 2011 and 2012

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