i make that


Thank you!


im pretty sure you would hate this forum if you would see the other users
one user curses someone
the user curses back
and here we go, drama
for example


is this project still alive? if so, i could help with the design


Is alive :slight_smile:


Cool! I’ll start working on the design anytime soon.


malosito is unknown.png
i liked this part :stuck_out_tongue:


(nerco bump whoops)
and then AzureMSN_Messenger was cancelled?


i think


Nop is alive ! :slight_smile:


I think this is best concept


I’m sorry but i’m going to call this Vaporware.
To summarize. I can show you Azure’s “evolution” of the contacts UI.

Malisto first started with a awful-looking Visual Studio UI with most of the resources made in mspaint… In just a month or even under a month. He refined the UI but some of the ugly untransparent resources remain. Megadeth posted his dark flat UI. which looks really good… Luis made a design concept in January 2018, not bad, I actually do prefer his March 2018 designs. Malisto rejoined with a extremely eye-burning concept that was made in paint net while Invisible posted his concept which looked mediocore.

That’s it… It’s vaporware because there’s no release and there was no news on the developement of the “client”, it was the UI.

The thing is, i’d be more fine if Butterfly Messenger was revived. But it requires 2012 to be revived, currently, developement is on 2009.


We haven’t received official word from @Malosito33 yet on the status of this project, so I only see you calling it vaporware to ramble on about the UI designs and Butterfly Messenger.


“Nop is alive ! :slight_smile:” doesn’t give any new infomation.

If there’s no accouncement about a project, it’s vaporwave


I’m pretty sure the project is already dead because of the inactivity from @Malosito33.


Yeah… There’s no coding behind any of the prototypes. It’s just pictures and text placed together with no “reverse enginning”.

It’s like Leo’s Windows Live Messenger 2017, for example


I’m pretty sure @Malosito33 is just gonna be the next @BabyMCSheep. Fake projects and more fake projects.


and maybe the next Leo, Look at the earlier replies… Leo’s in the discussion… The irony is that… Deathlife, someone who did a fuck ton of drama… Said

He’s right all of this time.

Azure was “made” because kids were impatient of WLM 2009.


As I said before:



Oh also

It’s better than constantly asking for it, that’s for sure. Also, what’s the problem of having the idea of a WLM 2009 clone that uses an older protocol? :confused:


I think it’s best to put a pause on this for now.