How and why i became a homophobic

So most people hate me for hating gays but they never asked me why?
Its a story that i wanted to write a long time ago…
So i was chatting one day with @iGiftedSpade and he sended a link and i though its a normal link since it was not suspicious,but THEN it opened rule34 AND GODAMM THERE WAS GAY PORN PICTURE.AND WHEN I SAW THAT I WAS SCREAMING AT @iGiftedSpade WHY DID YOU SEND A GAY PORN PICTURE TO A 12 YEAR OLD AND THAT F###ING PICTURE IS STILL STUCK AT MY HEAD.Even if @iGiftedSpade will say sorry IT WONT ERASE THE PICTURE AND THATS HOW I BECAME A HOMOPHOPHIC. THANKS @iGiftedSpade FOR MAKING RUING MY MEMORY WITH YOUR LINK :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

aint no reason to think all gays are the same and will send a 12 year old gay porn

source: i’m basically a half gay (id fall in love with a man or woman) so :wink:

Ew half gay :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s kind of how i became an assexual too

Bisexual, the word you’re looking for is bisexual

Só , you became homophobic because someone sended you gay porn ?
This is extremely stupid

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Really now nojus

Lets not bullshit nojus u said the ur homophobic because ur parent raised you that way and thats a stupid reason to be homophobic , You really do suck nojus , no question asked

Clearly sending underage people any such material isn’t acceptable and is another issue all together that will need to be dealt with, but “as the damage is done”, I’ll put that aside for the moment.

I was sent/seen imagery I didn’t particularly like or was not age appropriate when I was younger too, and I although I remember it occurring in multiple instances, I can’t recollect the images in detail other than the one I thought was appealing.

Homophobia is literally hating someone for loving someone else, which makes no sense. There’s lots of possible reasons behind that hate, such as the one you gave us above, religious teachings, or even the “that looks weird, I don’t like it, so it must be destroyed” thinking. None are valid if you give it a lot of thought. No one forces anyone to like pickles or striped t-shirts, but that doesn’t mean you have to hate them.

All that said, as you most likely have heard many times (and I don’t expect you to believe it, because I didn’t), your thoughts on love, sex, companionship and deep relationships will change drastically in the next few years. I think your experience you’ve shared with us won’t even be a factor on this after that. Just remember to keep an open mind.


i’m pan though :pensive:

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ikr? and didnt he say he was homophobic cuz his parents raised him that way and now he got a new stupid ass reason , Great !

dont tell me ur gonna sit here and gonna defend him just like that other person cuz i aint gonna take it

is this really real

look, Nojus is right for hating spade cuz he sent him gay porn, but I don’t think he should hate all gays because one sent him gay porn

I don’t think either

He didn’t say he hates him he said he hates ALL gays , and he said that from before and his reason WAS is because he was born and raised that way and now he changed it into that a guy sent him gay porn and that after that he hate gays which is stupid, Yet another lie told by nojus . its sad that a 12 year old can be that stupid and ignorant !

I think nojus just made this post just to trigger people and cause MORE drama because he keep changing the stuff he says

prove it

maybe u need some glasses because if you dont think this post will trigger people then you really need help