Windows Live Messenger 2009 WLM 9 Is here?


When got updated a stat subpage was made and that subpage shows the escargot server and in some old logs shows a user who is on WLM 2009

@valtron is hiding something

Just read the following topic’s:

What the..... (What wut....)

This is intresting.

My theory is that valtron is maybe testing some server “stuff” on WLM 2009, somehow.
Or somekind of server developer somehow got access to WLM 2009.


playing with the CVR command is fun :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


how does one use it to ghost his version or something


It’s something you send when authenticating.


i just realised that CVR is a acronym for “Client VeRsion”, must be sent at a really early part of the sign-in process