New Stats page

i was searching for new versions of Escargot WLM (2009)!!1!11!1!111 and a new subpage showed up
I said QUE?! or translated in english WHAT?! i clicked it and shows stats of the msm server

like if you have WhatsApp too.

well this is a new silent update i never heard of


The new logo is a update too

Xdddddddd ddddddddX

Yeah, I saw that. I even ran a post on my Escargot Spaces blog about it this morning (GMT-2).

Lol so im the first who makes a topic of this on messenger geek

LOL, look what @yellows111 noticed:

oh my god, Oh Oh My God!, thats just inspect element its not real

actually legit listings of connected wlm 2009 builds in some of the older stats


ITS Cking real!! WHAT IS ESCARGOT HIDING? or @leo_historias is a genius

and this

and this

Just a little guess, reverse engineering work for newer versions might be made, to resolve what’s going on. That should be case for WLM’09.