Wat rant rant war war

rant rant war war


stop making fake photos or editing html pages.

heey its real!

and what the ck is rant war

aa im write rant rant war war if i dont know what to say (weryy bad endlish)


ITS Cking real!! WHAT IS ESCARGOT HIDING? or @leo_historias is a genius

aphahaha leo genious! omg I roll on the floor laughing

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do i have to explain this… AGAIN?
anyway, some user with the username that started with “jar” did not like the original problem with the forum, you could not post less than 15 characters.

yes, and keep going

anyway, he needed something to fill in the needed space, so RRWW was made.

that’s really what started the “trend”

never mind. the main thing is wlm 9 in stats

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@valtron needs to see this.

keep going

maybe Leo is not a Brazilian schoolboy, but a Microsoft employee who trolls us?

Hmm… Maybe its april fools

then it spread across the forum quite fast, and that’s really what started the appearance of it everywhere.

its not april