Windows Live Essentials 2009 (14.0.8117.416) ENG Offline Installer Link

Since the link to install the windows live essentials 2009 version has officially dropped from Microsoft, I’m providing the link ,to anyone who like to download.

enjoy :smile:

reminder:wlm 2009 does not work anymore cause msnp18 protocol has been gone :S


My Google Chrome told me the download’s got viruses. R U sure it’s safe 2 download?

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i just updated the link.

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I’ve downloaded but the same problem, I can not log on

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you cant log in cause msnp18 which is works with wlm 2009 version has been gone therefore you can’t sing in on the 2009 version. only wlm 2012 works now,so go download it.

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I use Windows XP
Messenger 2012 does not work on Windows XP


use jonathan’s butterfly messenger:

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Wait a min! Jonathan’s the 1 makin’ the program? I’ve been wonderin’ who’s workin’ on the program 4 some months. If he’s makin’ it, can U ask him if he can make a notifier 4 it & giv it sound? I’m friggin dyin’ 4 1.

No 1 has ever visited my Butterfly Messenger topic 4 several weeks. :frowning: People should read it.

upgrade to a new pc with vista or 7 or 8.1

It downloaded ok, but when setup began it was not in english.
Do you have an English version?

first of all,2009 doent work anymore.use 2012 to work messenger.

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im gonna post the englihs version soon!! sorry for that

im installing xp on an old pc that cant handle 7. does 2012 work on xp? I was looking for the essential 2009 package (dont care for the messenger part)

2012 does not work on xp.however, you can install wlm 2012 on a virtual machine and run it from there.

thanks anyways.
found a copy of essentials '09 ENG and it installed properly on XP

you’re welcome. i just updated the link to the right language --English–

sorry for the wrong.

legacy keeps going on ,

and we are close




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