Windows 8.1 got deactivated after i used my real Windows 8.0 key from 2012


you’re making excuses, please just activate 8.1. Get a prepaid SIM, if you must. Or get a mic (or use a laptop that has a mic built in… or a smartphone) and use skype and just activate it


Or alternatively, crack 7. also no fair, you vote in your own poll


Skype is the worst messaging client. You have to see this review of a unhappy skype user.

You want me to get “Win Free iPhone X” and “Adult Dating” on my desktop and some BS indian scam anti-“virus”?

I was able to replicate what happend with my pc, this time with a Windows 10 RTM virtual machine. I installed Windows 10 without internet, i was able to change the wallpaper. then i waited and i enabled internet, i was no longer able to change the wallpaper because it said ‘Activate Windows’.


Oh I thought you didn’t want to use it because:


At least be consistent with your excuses lol


if you dont know the difference between a activator and a virus, sure, windows loader never gave me any poblems


Remember earlier this month that Skype killed it’s decent versions? If i wanted to install Skype, it should have been Skype 7 or even Skype 6.




Not for a while, Skype 7 ended support on January 8 and in the near-future or even soon every remaining Skype 7 will be forced to migrate to Skype 8.


In this case, that’s no excuse. If it performs a function you need to use, then your better off sucking it up than blatantly refusing the options given to you.

Also don’t select Skype 7 builds still log in? :confused:


Accoroding to @MSN-messengeris-cool, the anwser is yeah.

I’ve tried using the windows 10 creator tool and…

Yes the pool might be rigged but the skype option was meant to be a joke, so… i’m going to upgrade to Windows 10. the good news is i founded this, on the microsoft support forums.


Actually, the poll says to downgrade to Windows 7 and crack it


says the guy who choosed and asked the skype option. xd


says the guy who offers these 2 options on his poll


because i wanted to see if someone was me and had a unactivated of 8.1, what he would do?


Seriously though - you made this topic into a really long one by ignoring all options given to you both by the MS support forums and here/finding excuses for any and all options


MS support forums were all about clean installing windows 8.1. This post was just “Skype is shit” disguised into “Windows 8.1 is not activated”

i fell like i’m just treated like leo.


everyone’s time could have been saved if you told us that from the start instead of making it into a long topic


also, what next? is it secretly “all landlines, phone plans and prepaid SIMs are shit” and “Support forums suck” too?


no, it’s gonna be “all copies of Windows 8.1 suck”


And then it’s gonna be “Any versions of Windows other than 10 suck”