Windows 8.1 got deactivated after i used my real Windows 8.0 key from 2012


In a total nutshell that will NEVER happen.

I haz hate Windows 8.1, It’z shti it WOnt’ activaety properly aaadseuhcjdsf
fuck messesthgeek and escarogt msn steam’s new’s chat’s is’s the’s best’s.
fuzxck phonwes theru’ye fortntei mobile for kidszz11111!1 Simz cards are bADd!1
supprt forus is all full of scamamtyy indinas

Like what the fuck.

Oh and also…

WINdowz teNE iSs the BESTSTT! FUcKK 8.1 8.0 SENf VIASTA ETC

seriously what the fuck.

Consider yourselfs lucky.


Well, it IS better than Discord :stuck_out_tongue:
on Discord, if you bought any games there and then get disabled for a chat violation (or no reason at all, a discord mod member is known to do that sometimes) then RIP games


I hate Discord with a passion.


Ya’ll seem to enjoy connection issues with Steam’s very fucked up Chromium browser. unless if you like the old chat.


um… Discord is Electron, which is Chromium


Yeah but whatever… I’m currently using Chrome and i have no issues. But whenever i go to steam. A page doesn’t load or the CSS is very fucked up.


I only use AIM, sweaty :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You guys love to ramble on about certain things on unrelated threads, don’t you?


oh shi-


It’s part of my personality


Well, seeing he admitted that this post was just “Skype is shit” in disguise…


That isn’t determined by “personality” :man_facepalming:


Pretty sure the OP was exaggerating, like he always does. :unamused:


I meant rambling in general.



never happened to me




6 hours later and

They’re now talking about me in a Discord server. Anyways… I should be back about the “Upgrading to Windows 10” part in Febuary 1st.

The end.

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