Windows 8.1 got deactivated after i used my real Windows 8.0 key from 2012


Don’t you have a landline or something? :confused:


um, you CAN use skype to call toll-free numbers without paying.

As you can see in this screenshot, I have no skype credit.

It lets me call this toll-free number anyway. (For example, this is the toll-free number for activating Windows in Austria. Try it yourself.)


Skype is very bloated perfomance-wise and i’m currently using my laptop. I don’t want to hurt performance so i won’t really bother with it.


Then deal with it. Someone’s giving you a solution and all that comes out of you are excuses.


well fuck it i’m going to infect my pc just for activing a fucking operating system.
how ironic. fuck it i’m going to linux

-a Gamerappa from a alternative universe

I’ve been thinking for a solution and well KB3138615 did not worked because it was “checking for updates”.

I’m thinking that upgrading to Windows 10 fixes the problem. A while back i did a little bit of research and it says that Windows automatically activates when linked into a microsoft account since the 2016 anniversary update.

Even Microsoft Support (not the forums) says about it.

I’m typing this on a dell laptop running 8.1… Not on my pc. I changed the title to make it more clear


Here’s a shitty poll

  • Upgrade to Windows 10
  • Crack Windows 8.1
  • Give Up
  • Be like the alternative universe Gamerappa and go to Linux (very unlikely)
  • Downgrade on Windows 7 and crack it.
  • Downgrade into a mobile phone (why. just why?)
  • seeyouinhellboys’s “grin and bear it and use Skype” option

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where’s the “grin and bear it and use Skype” option


you see it? :stuck_out_tongue:
i’ve added it.


lol nice


Ok currently according to the pool i should do nothing but to install skype although i don’t have a mic.


Then get a phone plan or use a landline. It’s not that hard.


I don’t have one of those old big landline phones… And phone plans… even though they say it costs “0 bucks”. It’s just marketing bs…

The skype option was just a joke. Actually. If it didn’t existed then “Upgrade to Windows 10” would win.


You really expect those $0 phone plans to be free? Wow are you cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:


You know you could use Fire RTC :stuck_out_tongue:


How to roast someone 101

I know that the “0 bucks” thing are marketing bullshit to make people get their “phone”. in reality after some time it costs money.

I could. But. Is it a VoIP service or just something else?


no its completly free no paying needed :stuck_out_tongue: you can have a custom number too


Not all VoIP services are free, 'cause there are paid ones as well!


Like that shitty TextNow 10$/month plan that makes a “VoIP” phone look like a real phone?




I have no idea why people want me to get a phone/use FireRTC/get skype and activate Windows 8.1… I thinked i could just upgrade to Windows 10.