Why google chrome is shit


I mean who would really use Internet Explorer or Edge?




You know how i like touse IE8 as my youtube browser on xp with chrome frame


Um… Opera also exists, you know?


Um…You know opera is based of chrome?





Well… Microsoft is rebuilding Microsoft Edge using Google Chrome(Chromium) engine.

That the EdgeHTML will terminated. (EdgeHTML is Fork of Internet Explorer Trident Engine)
But, not yet. 2019 will be a last one.

  • Current

  • Preview version
    Reason they using chrome is like EdgeHTML has poor HTML. It’s only got 492, Chrome got 530 HTML5 scores.

Also, Some website thinks you are using Edge 18 or 43, While the browser said Edge Browser version is 44, EdgeHTML version 18.

I also tried updated Edge using Windows Update but it’s said Windows is up to date.


No it’s just because a presenter when presenting things about Azure had issues using Edge.


Yeah i know. New Edge will be just Chrome with a MSN Homepage and bing as the default search engine. So it’s just going to be Chrome with Microsoft Propoganda.


Internet Explorer was used to be popular. until 2012-2013 Google Chrome overtake it.


I know one thing for sure. With this move, Microsoft is admitting its incapacity to make a decent web browser.


and integrated Cortana and other…