Why google chrome is shit



Chrome is customizable, the google services thing is SEAMLESS, and the interface is good. You’re clearly just a butthurt fanboy of another browser


Well, I click that link and it’s show:
You do not have permission to view the requested page.

Reason: User is not allowed to view this issue.


you can customize it

honestly the interface is good for me

that is a pro actually

image hm


i use advanced chrome (with latest version being v69, v54 IIRC is custom build for XP/Vista users) and i don’t see any major problems


only themes, no more
in firefox you can place any buttons on toolbar

ehm ok


I don’t care about customization, if the browser works and it’s fast , it’s perfect for me, and all your arguments are very stupid anyway, you act like a brainwashed fanboy


Memory leaks. Duh.


Never happened to me


I do agree that chrome eat ram as hell and should be more light ( and the less privacy stuff that google do ) but that’s my only complains , Firefox also eat ram like there’s no tomorrow anyway


you don’t care about anything, “the main thing is to work”. I don’t see how you like to finish your work


Your main argument here is how “ I don’t care about anything “ k how stupid
I care about a browser that is pretty in my eyes , fast and that don’t crash my computer ever 7 seconds ( like Firefox loves to do ) and “ how you finish your work “ simple , i do my stuff and done , the features chrome comes with is already good enough for me , sorry but I have more important stuff than caring about what features this browser have that I will never use in my life


i use chrome, it works so I use it
sure it eats up ram for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I don’t give two shits



not my problem


0 shits given


Well, I have a another version of chrome, It’s can download videos, pop-out video, and more.


u mean torch browser dont u


nope, an Vietnamese browser. called Coc Coc and it’s popular on my country.
The browser based on Google Chrome Engine (Chromium)
And Based of Chromium 50.


The only thing i hate of chrome is that it needs a lot of memory…