Why google chrome is shit


Yeah, me too, my Virtual Machine lags. back then Chrome was good and less RAM, and some extension it’s getting chrome more RAM’s.


Now Microsoft Edge is replacing EdgeHTML to Chromium (Google Chrome) engine.
It’s going to replacing in 2019.


I will stay with xp for now then


yeah, well I trying to stay with 7 without Windows Update enable.
Also Chrome, IE, Firefox and more browser has dropped support for older version of Windows.


Use new moon aka palemoon for xp updated every week and asvanced chrome 54 aka chrome updated for xp/vista and i dont have any problems at all


Well, for me, I tried Advanced Chrome 54 and login With Google Account and sync, when sync, most Extension are breaks like Adblock, Sometime Ublock
So I had to use Chrome 49 with Material Themes and User Agent Switcher enabled.


Adblock doesnt work properly on advanced chrome 54 i ise ublock origin .1.16.18 with no problems amd also i use malwarebytes extension too


Yeah, but for mine, Ublock Origin does too, but a bit problem is UI got screw up.


Well, I using Advanced Chrome and this happened,
That Ublock Origin is doesn’t work.
Also Avast Extension too. (I downloading it from Chrome Web Store.


Ublock Origin works for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Download this:https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/download/1.16.18/uBlock0.chromium.zip
and save it in a location where you will find it.Open settings click on extensions.Select Developer mode and click unpacked… button and select the ublock origin folder and it will work then.Dont delete the ublock origin folder!!!



M E M O R Y L E A K S :thinking:


image depends on how many tabs you are using in case of mine 14


tabs rn


Not for long. I heard Pale Moon will merge with another browser (Basilik i think). And also these 2 browsers are behind Firefox and are slower. That’s why you still have to use the now-mediocore 2014 UI for YouTube which got “flattered” and is being replaced with the better Material Theme. I tried to use YouTube’s Material Theme on Pale Moon. It was really slow.

Accoroding to HowToGeek.

Pale Moon tends to perform worse on browser benchmarks compared to modern browsers, which isn’t surprising given its age. The developer disagrees with browser benchmarking, but it’s not surprising a browser based on older code might be slower than a modern one.

I mean more people use Pale Moon than Vivaldi and even the old Mozilla Suite that was last updated from 2006!

(Yes i know there’s a browser with a weird name… like what is coc coc?)


Roytam1(the creator of new moon) has ported Basilik to xp/vista so eh


Inside of New Moon?


Literally no one cares about privacy anymore.
And if you hate chrome, just use firefox!
успокойся, козёл :stuck_out_tongue:


And if you hate both of them… You’re out of luck…