The new Escargot website design has been oficially launched

ADVISE: Maybe some people knows that the new Escargot website design is already launched even before i post this, but anyways i do it for announcement to people who doesn’t knows.

The new Escargot website design designed by @Spriteclad and ported to HTML and CSS by @Maigol is now a reality, because recently valtron added it and oficially made it the new design of Escargot’s website.

Congrats Maigol and Spriteclad! you guys did a great job, and the community knows that :wink:


As much as @Maigol did a good job with the design, there’s the patching instructions page, which has an issue with scrollbars, and funnily enough, a rendering issue with the logo where it is brought down with the buttons. Pretty funny IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, and those are confusing errors, but not so hard to fix.

Congrats and well done! Looks slick now.

:smiley: wait till you see what I have in the pipeline.

Hint: A fully functional Members Directory page. Coming soon.

Wow. I… never honestly thought my design would get implemented. Good job.

I think my only complaint is that the Downloads page is a bit funky, though. I was planning on still showing the language select after you picked a language to download from, and the weird light-blue background on the pages was really only meant to be placeholder. (If you want my opinion, I would make it so that the DL/patching pages would match the layout of the front page, and use a white background. Makes things more consistent.)

Also, you uh. Might want to get rid of the height CSS attribute for these buttons, as they look funky in 1080p:

But other than that, nice job!

(P.S.: Kind of wish there was a ‘lite’ version of the site for older browsers though, but oh well.)

(P.P.S: Might want to censor the email address on the front page screenshot, for privacy’s sake.)


don’t forget the missing Full Stop (.) in “What’s old is new again” (should be “What’s old is new again.”)
also the font for that text looks like tahoma but isn’t really so, im not sure what to say

also im on 1600x900 and it looks fine hmm

oh yeah almost didnt mention 1024x768, that looks mental

recommendation: replace JK’s “patcher” with (Original Post)

I think that the new site looks and feels 1000% better, not that the old one was bad, but the new one is great.


this looks slick asf :slight_smile:


Thank you ^^

Well, I don’t have a big imagination :confused: I thought it looked good as it is, but yeah, I think I should make it look more consistent as you say

Yeah, I fixed that

I’m planning on doing that :stuck_out_tongue:

What email address?


I think he referred to your email, which is in the notice on the site to help anyone who wants to make translations of the site into other languages.


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The new update broke the anti “post WLM 8.5 (WLM 2009) version” trolls

No. That’s managed by another server-side script that Valtron made.

Ooh, yeah. I’ll change that.

No, I meant the email from this screenshot:image

Why would you want to censor it?

oh hey. that logo looks familiar. miscolored, but familiar.