Quick Patch for Messenger Plus! v3 and v4 Sounds

Okay, thanks to my tester and assistant Mateus_Rick, I created a quick patch for Messenger Plus! v3 and v4 so you guys can use Plus! sounds again.

For v3, you need to replace MsgPlusH.dll in C:\Program Files\MessengerPlus! 3 or C:\Program Files (x86)\MessengerPlus! 3 with the file in this ZIP file: MsgPlusH.zip (870.5 KB)

For v4, @Mateus_Rick will share the DLL in a few minutes.

We quickly tested and everything should work.

We plan to implement the sound server on the Escargot server so maybe in a few days/weeks, you will have to change the DLL again. We will let you know if something like that happens.

Also, there is no website to download sound packs so if someone wants to make one :wink:


Good job guys!

Once again, it was a pleasure working with you.@tristanleboss

Here is the file to be replaced in “C:\Program Files\Messenger Plus! Live” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Messenger Plus! Live” for 4.x version.

MsgPlusLive_patch.zip (1,5 MB)


Awesome work Tristan and Mateus, thank you so much for it. The Plus! custom sounds may be a small detail, but they were such a big part of MSN back in the day, great appreciation for bringing it back to the community :slight_smile:

WLM is out, webcam works, custom emoticons and sounds work, group chats work… So nice to see it all coming together. I think games are the only thing left now.


Thank you!!!

Okay, the random sound button should work. I will also add a page to see the most popular sounds :smiley:

There is already 78 sounds in the database.

weird Cat1 (Cartoons and Games) and Cat5 (Sound Effects) sounds, do you know what they even are?

also the only sound that will pull from “music” is I Will Always Love You.

There is not a lof of sounds because not a lot of people uploaded custom sounds. The server is just 2 days old :slight_smile:

Cat1 and Cat5 are tests sounds I did.

the server does not currently allow the upload of new sounds, unless you have a special page for it?

The server does allow custom sounds. I know because I coded it. In messenger, there is a Custom sounds menu (sounds librayry, maybe) in the Plus! menu and there is already 78 sounds in the server so some people did it already. Maybe there is also a bug for some people, I don’t know.

"The Server has rejected the sound, please try again later with a different file."
Sound Info:
Name: Windows XP Shutdown
Sound ID: #561EC3FAD5DA
Category: Sound Effects
Language: Unknown

I will look into in it; It was working at the begining and worked for some but I did some update which may have created a bug. I’m not home now.

the server doesnt approve the sound try again

and there was a error contacting the server try again later

can i test with you in wlm?

Don’ t worry it will be fixed. It worked at some point so it’s probably a small bug I created few hours ago.
I’m just not at home right now.


it was working last night,but now it’s saying error contacting the server when i try to record new sounds. The sound i recorded yesterday still works though.

Can someone try to upload a new custom sound? The problem should be fixed now.

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Sorry for my french but my english is so poor…merci beaucoup tristan de la part de deux français qui attendaient ça depuis des années!!
Thanks a lot Tristan and of course Mateus!