The new Escargot website design has been oficially launched


Honestly I find it funny that @valtron just accepted the alternate logo and put it on the site. I’d assume that he’d be a bit more strict on quality control. :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m miiildly incensed that nobody mentioned who originally designed that logo



it was you right


Calm down, and eat a Snickers… Ok no xD. Sorry but @Spriteclad used that logo in the proposal design that he made in Photoshop, and he didn’t credited .-.


Oh sh!t, I’m sorry
I forgot to credit for the logo :<


Time to translate escargot to lithuanianian again :confused:


haha my name’s in there twice


i feel awkward because it finally got used but then just used

i guess it’s fine, at least one of them got used in the end