Something I have to say

Hello community of Escargot, I am a user which I would like to ask if you will revive the servers of Internet Explorer from 1 to 10, or at least, resuscitate Hotmail.

Internet Explorer is a software browser, there is no direct server component to it. Could you possibly mean old versions of

Running reliable mail servers is not an easy task and too easily abused. I think for Hotmail, using theming/styling is a better option. For example what @Kos_Furler has done below:

With Internet Explorer I mean that, that can be used without problems, you can access all kinds of pages.

I think I understand. You want to use the prior IE version’s user interfaces but still be able to use the modern web.

Given that IE is implemented in COM for use in any application (with backwards compatibility), this might be possible on paper. However, I highly suspect that it would never work properly anyway, and the last IE is already deprecated and not very well supported by web developers.

So, I think the “better value” is to rely on theming. For example @veselcraft has a Pale Moon IE theme:

I’m sure you can find others too where theming is an option.

Down the same path but less immersive, I made a variant of the IE3 rings for a Firefox background: