IE Theme for Pale Moon!

not done

all updates here:!hTZDwSQb!84ILjEk9y2Mk5eiO5la7Tg

if you dont know how install it:

your can help me with design


Keep up the good work. I’m using the Netscape theme on mine right now but I’ll definitely try these out.

Can’t really seem to get mine to look like yours maybe with some tinkering I can get it close but keep up the good work

i dont know how to hide the tabs

I got a yellow line since I use a plugin that colors tabs based on the site’s favicon color :stuck_out_tongue:
I couldn’t find the New Tab icon when I was customizing :confused:

look carefully, but not in the “customization” window, but in the tab bar

Or what about a IE theme but for Chrome? :stuck_out_tongue:

Google Chrome - castrated browser, I was speechless when I saw that in Chrome, in addition to basic functions (home page, search engine), nothing to configure.

Welp, because is closed source, but ya still create themes and upload them on Chrome WebStore (but is very limited the customization) in fact that “Or what about a IE theme but for Chrome?” post that i did was did when i was looking something to post :stuck_out_tongue:

pale moon interface can be modified as you like - even the browser icon and name with the help of one extension can be changed

IIRC, most of Chrome is open-source through the Chromium project.

I know, but even with those customizations, open source and freedom, i still love Chrome

But the design source isn’t very customizable, isn’t 100% open source, that is why i say that is closed source, because is not really 100% open source, i know a lot of Chromium derivates as Iron, but anyways is not much different

even the opera in its good time could also be modified as you like, but merged into shit in 2013 when they switched to blink and half the functions from the old opera never ported to the new engine.

Update 26.06.18:

  • Bug fixes:
    1. after pressing the “download” button, the button increased in size, and in its place was the progress bar.
    2. The site icon in the address field was stretched

Download here:!hTZDwSQb!84ILjEk9y2Mk5eiO5la7Tg

Update 28.06.18:

  • Margin has been decreased
  • Small icons

Download here:!hTZDwSQb!84ILjEk9y2Mk5eiO5la7Tg

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how can i make it i downloaded and what?

i cant ???

cursor not showed, use lightshot