Hotmail 2008 style for Otlook BETA 1


Beta 1
it’s look like more prety and realistic

Something I have to say

header must be T H I N N E R


39px - original header hight.
I’m use web archive to know accurate information about site elements :ok_hand:


Бля мне бы такие интерфейсы создаватт


Нихуя, ты ещё и мой равестник


сам охуел


Ouah its working :smiley: i’m waiting for the final version :smiley: ^^ Thank you !!!


Very good job seriously it really looks like the original 2008 hotmail website


ahah it’s beta 1


Will there be a Beta 2 or a final version soon ? Or something like that ? :slight_smile:


why bump


Isn’t a unnecessary bump, is for asking only -.-


Oh yeah soon


it isn’t working. the mailbox address changed from to


lol what

you probably has been switch it to beta version of outlook

my fckng english


i switched to beta version but still not working