Share your VM's

Here’s mine :slight_smile: Its a windows XP

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I found the original Windows XP RTM :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, a error of Phoenix

did you set up internet access to win 98?


But later, I solved the problem, was the version of AIM that was not working

what vm manager do you use?

il use Virtualbox


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WSL 2 technically counts as a VM.

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I literally got MSN Messenger Service 3.6 to work on Escargot’s MSN Messenger server in Windows ME…

ChaletOS on OnWorks :smiley:


Not a ton of vms, since i swapped HDD to SSD, most of my vms were deleted because they werent worth to move. Also have a picture of the hell caused by a program that i used to download windows vista updates…

WindowsPa…wat da fuk?

Connected to my Phone Andronix VM

Well technically it counts as a VM, dm me in discord if ya want to install it: InSanicTH#4312

it’s just a chroot, you are running linux binaries but not the linux kernel

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so hes running “It might be Linux”? bruf

anyways running a DE on a phone/tablet is very inconvenient due to the small screen.

IT DOES NOT COUNT AS A VM, what you are trying to describe is a container, something like docker


since i have my phones ip i can connect in VNC Viewer in a PC, way easier to use

also i’m reinstalling ubuntu with KDE/Plasma and installing Manjaro with GNOME