Share your VM's

Windows Patch Loader. I used it to download updates. Microsoft has ended SHA-1 support for windows update, which means windows 2000, xp and vista cannot search for manual updates. Windows 7 can still be manually patched to include SHA-2 support and download updates from microsoft servers.
It is pure hell, i am using pkgmgr to install one by one.

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me? VMWare

which take 1 day and a few hours, but it is working fine

i might need help getting networking to win9x; could never get it properly working

Free Windows 95 easy code

a wonderful version of xp, made by someone you might know

who is the “someone you might know” person you think i know despite the fact that i don’t even know who is that person.

secret, you gotta know what it is, hint: it’s in an enderman video called horrible windows clones

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I bet 200 € Gaber Samir or cHiNoDuBy

It’s gabe.

it’s actually gabe