Share your old Tech


Does this count as old tech?encarta


Does it count?




old sony and new sony :smiley:


Is that laptop on the background an HP EliteBook?


nope samsung rv511


i swear that nvidia sticker says quadro


but with cuda


My ThinkPad A21m finally arrived! (on really dangerous packaging, one TINY sheet of bubble wrap and a huge soft cardboard box and shitty tape, but it works)


I know, it’s a mess



god i fucking looked


I’ve got a lot of old tech. Not a complete list:

  • Sage EAS Endec
  • Compaq Presario 5000
  • Panasonic Omnivision VCR
  • Gateway 840GM Media Center PC
  • 2 Motorola RAZR V3m phones
    …and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

EDIT: Should mention that the MSNTV2 I have is defective. It boots up normally, but then enters a boot loop, ending up at error #134. If anyone could help with it, that would be great.


i just bought a gameboy color


Here’s a LabTec V-UAE13 webcam i recently found. (It died. Tried downloading some drivers on my XP VM and getting it to work but to no avail)



  • Sony 2x Speed External USB Floppy Drive
  • About 50 floppies
  • Nintendo Wii
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • PS3
  • IBM Roller Ball Mouse
  • HP M-UAE96 Mouse
  • Nintendo 3DS XL (if i can say that)
  • Some random Cisnet Keyboard
  • BENQ CD Drive (unknown model number)
  • Energizer CHM4AA Battery Charger
    im done listing


i have a wii and ipod touch 4th gen too.


My iPod 4G has had a rough life.

  1. Fake defective screen
  2. Dropping it on the corner on concrete from about 4 feet and chipping the glass
  3. Somewhat messed up home button
  4. Too many back scratches


mine is in great condition other than some scratches on the back


Yeah scratches on the back are sooooooo common