Share your old Tech


Welcome to my box of old stuff


I’m jealous. And impressed. Especially by a 13-year old that has the privilege to buy retro stuff nowadays. :stuck_out_tongue:


I waNt to buy a vcr


i have a similar box filled with controllers and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I still use a handheld radio as a source of listening to music or getting news


Everything works on my BB Bold. All of my BlackBerry devices work perfectly, except the battery on my Torch 9800 isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Today I also saw a lot of old tech left outside a local electronics shop for recycling, there was a broken Xbox 360, loads of old laptops and a fancy Microsoft keyboard. I would have taken them for myself if it was legal.


i have a super nitendo with mortal kombat and super mario world, a ps2 slim with several games non-original (broken) , a machine with windows xp and one VHS player with much tapes (several about the bible and cults evangelics):stuck_out_tongue:


i have more than that


like fb and twitter and whatsapp and bbm works?


Well, I have this “Master System Evolution” with 123 games on memory and no entry for cartridges

The joysticks? Well, someone threw away them :stuck_out_tongue:


None of those apps work anymore, but the phone at least works. I think Facebook Messenger let me sign in but it wouldn’t let me send or recieve messages.


wth is that


Brazilian Sega Master System clone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not exactly a clone. It is one of the re-launches that Tectoy (company that represented the SEGA officially here) made of the Master System and Mega Drive until the middle of 2011 :stuck_out_tongue:


such clones in us dosih-pores are sold under the name “master-genius (магистр-гений)”


What about this?

At sometime i used this as my main phone


That’s one nice looking phone.


It’s running Symbian
Theres WLM on it :stuck_out_tongue:


my oldest piece of tech was a nintendo 64, but it’s no longer with me.


i still have my N64