Share your old Tech



Here is my walkman. it also has a bon jovi tape inside


Does it still work normally? and are you still using it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this count as “old tech”?

I also have a load of old VHS tapes and a player for them somewhere.


Yes it still works great. i listen to tapes an the radio


i also have an old blackberry that has an IM app AND WiFI so i’m hopeful that it can be patched to aim and Escargot


I used to have an old boombox my parents used to use, but it was slowly deteriorating and I eventually left it for dead. I still remember playing one album on a cassette tape I found from school back then on it.

When I moved houses several years ago, I remember an old collection of VHS tapes the previous owners left, but initially, I found no use of them since I didn’t have a VCR at the time, so I threw them away somewhere. Hopefully, they’re still in the house. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my grandparents had a Samsung Blackjack, one of those old Windows Mobile phones pre-Vista that I assume had Messenger on it too, and one day, they handed it over to me, but it didn’t have a charger, plus, the phone was already dead, and they didn’t even consider doing so, so that was trashed as well. :frowning:

There’s the XP machine I used to use back when XP was the thing, but that unfortunately had its hard drive die around 2011. R.I.P. :frowning:

I do remember back when I was little, my parents had this huge CRT TV in the living room and my mom had her own decently sized CRT in her own room, but only time can tell where they have gone to. They could’ve been useful still.

My parents also had this tape recorder I didn’t use much but played around with a little. I think I remember recording myself saying something. Probably usual childish stuff. Not sure if that’s still on the tape. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alongside that, they also have this decently old camcorder they didn’t use a lot, and I do remember they wouldn’t let me use it, which probably explains why most of my memories are left unsaved. At least some memories were saved on it. :slight_smile:

The only remaining piece of tech that exists is an old CRT my parents used to use, and I have it now. I even took a pic of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll most likely use that for retro gaming, although a more moderately-sized CRT would be my pick. However, my story of my old tech is still sad.


Here are some more “old” pieces of technology I own, consisting of:

My DSi XL that I got on December 25th, 2010. I don’t really use it that much anymore because I played every single game I owned to death,

A PSP I found that I would be using a lot more if I could get a memory card for it,

My old Nokia Lumia 630 with a broken battery prong,

A BlackBerry Bold which still works perfectly, like the BlackBerry I posted earlier,

My old iPod Nano that got killed in the washing machine that I replaced,

and my iPhone 5C that I opened up and removed the battery from because it was dead and it had turned all squishy.

Edit: I forgot to mention the Samsung Galaxy S6 that’s also in the picture. Someone gave it to me and I used it as my daily driver for two weeks. It’s a nice phone, I really like the shiny glass back on it. Nowadays I mainly just use it for VR.


oh cool you have a dsi xl , i have one in the same color than yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you still use your DSi XL?


my oldest items.

PS1 FAT, SCPH-9001 = Internal PSU bust, not working.
PSone, SCPH-101 = everything working, it has the reader from the ps1 fat.

And to finish off, an original memory card, still with the box and original case (not in picture)




I also remember my dad bringing in a Windows 95 machine from work for something several years ago, but he returned it back. Didn’t do much on it myself aside from seeing the 2011 web on 95.

Later on, he brought in an old LCD monitor, but nothing to use it with. After returning that, he brought in a 9x machine that had no floppy drive, but a CD drive and a hard drive? I don’t remember. But I do know that I only got to get it past the BIOS screen or something. And then my dad threw it out.


I have various things. First, I have a modchipped silver PS2 Slim model SCPH-79001.
Next, 2 Coby DVD players: a traditional and a portable one
Then, a dead VCR with some tapes.
Finally, a Compact VHS camcorder.


so many phones




blackberry bold still working well ? what works on it?


i have a PS2 slim but i don’t remember where i left it.


I have PS2 Fat, which has an dead laser. Will Pre-2014 (or Android 4 only) tablets won’t break “old tech” rule thing? I have it.


does having 2 Nintendo 64’s and 5 CRT tv’s count


hell yes