Share your old Tech


uh , how a nintendo 3ds xl is old ? its from 2012


my 3ds is the original 2011 blue one


i wasnt really sure so i said
if i can say that


same here, but mine is the red one :stuck_out_tongue:


the only problem is i get a write protect error even when write protect is off


strange , mine works normal :-/ maybe its your SD card that have this poblem ( assuming the poblem is the SD card )


it’s not the sd card i tried like 5 of them


maybe you have 5 bad SD cards? :stuck_out_tongue:
try on another computer/device
that happened to me with some floppies, it just kept giving me write protect errors when the write protect tab was “off?” and the floppies were bad… it took me 38 floppies to realize that


nah i even tried one from another ds and it still didn’t work. the one i had in there worked in the other ds though


I also have a Windows 95 CD but i can’t find it


I’m feeling very old to watch these images… I’d like to come back to early 2000’s one day :slight_smile: But… Time machines doesn’t exist in real life







i need that


I got it fo free




My iPod nano first generation


That’s what I call a music mp3 player unlike the current ones we have today. haha I loved my apple mp3 player but i lost it a long time ago.


i prefer million of times hearing music on a ipod than a iphone :stuck_out_tongue:
some people call me crazy because of that :stuck_out_tongue: