Public Beta of "Public Contact List"


This is directed to me? And this is kinda off-topic.


oh sorry,this is my pc,this piece of junk

sorry for posting here


Might be the applications fault too. :stuck_out_tongue:





this program is causing a armagedon!


Yeah, you can add yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Meh I’ll just go publish it now :stuck_out_tongue:
The API will start not functioning when I have applied the changes


API still needs a certificate, hang on.

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ok, API has now a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Have fun


bug: filters don’t work as intended. will fix it tommorow


does it work with MSN 7.5 now? because I tried b4 and it gave me just erros. (well I’m guessing it’s because I use MSN 7.5)


Actually I don’t know what the mininum requirements of Messenger .NET are since I don’t have any information about the COM library.


Server downtime: Sorry for the inconvience but I’m doing some server migration from self-hosting to trexion :stuck_out_tongue:

There you go.


it’s working for Windows 10, not sure about the others systems though


Yeah development was mainly done on Windows 7 and 10 but not below 7. XP is already lacking support because of the mininum .NET Framework version






Anyone interested contributing with icons? (preferrably in Aero style)

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But Craftplacer, I went to your website and it downloaded a Windows 10 “app”, shared it to a friend, and it didn’t work because Windows 7 doesn’t has support for this kind of program you know…