Public Beta of "Public Contact List"

I’m hosting a server for the while being for some (another) software I wrote for Messenger. The name should already tell you what it’s for. Feel free to submit issues, suggestions etc.

Future Download Link: to be determined
Old Download Link:


Bug List:

  • Adding/Deleting contacts doesn’t work

PCL (452.7 KB)

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.5

I’d like to ask you what I should add, nearly “everything” is possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I wanted to point out something. I planned to make a Messenger Plus Script for it. But since MessengerPlus didn’t want at the point of making an UI I scrapped it.

You could make a MessegerPlus plugin that goes through the user’s contact list and sends each contact’s info to the public list to help expand it

And to avoid listing dead users, you could check the “last logged in” stat

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Yeah but then the additional information would be missing which would be required to be entered by user and therefore would require an UI again :confused:

Can’t MsgrPlus read users’ name and personal message?

edit: oh you mean things like gender and language

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It can but I said, additional information outside of Messenger. Things like Language (might be able to auto detect) and Gender. and a bunch of other stuff if users request that.

But I like your idea of a MsgrPlus plugin of adding the PSM to there, so I will do that today.


I’m adjusting the API to allow single information changes.

Well, as you said, it could automatically detect the language of the conversation history file.
But for gender, what if the script compares the name (if any real name is available) to a global database of names with their associated gender? Maybe that would work but we would need to find that database first, and then deal with made up names and it would be a hassle, but I’ll leave the idea here…

problem will be that I have to do a lot of JScript work arounds to get such advanced things working.

I know, I just dropped the idea here in case in the future we figure out an easier way to achieve this

What’s the window for? I meant the script could send the contact data directly to the server and the latter would be responsible for processing and putting everything in a nice table of something

That’s my attempt of opening an UI window in MsgrPlus

This looks like a really useful tool to be brought to the Escargot community. Maybe even one of the most useful tools yet.

I have seen too many people getting excited for MSN coming back, going through the work of downloading and installing it, just to feel unmotivated afterwards due to the lack of contacts on their list. Since it’s still a growing community, the more contacts you have the better, as you have a larger pool of people in which you can find individuals that you actually like to talk to =D

If there is a possibility to somehow import all the contacts that have already been made available through Contacts sharing threads in MessengerGeek such as these (1, 2, 3), the list will get bigger pretty quick. Would there be a way to sort the list by Language, so people can easily add others that speak their idiom? Having a “sort by last logged in” would be really useful aswell.

That’s exactly what I asked, people suggest what should be added. I still want to add the script/plugin to Messenger, to make stuff even better.

Installation of your Messenger is corrupt or something. The COM library isn’t registered properly

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