PSP Go!Messenger revival

Is there going to be a Go!Messenger revival for the PSP in the future?

is it an msnp client? if so we can def revive it with escargot if it supports msnp2 ato msnp18 (msnp21 will not work)
may try porting it if it’s open source
i did something similar with Beup Live for Nintendo DS, but never had the pleasure to try it because i don’t own a DS or 3DS, and no DS emulator supports internet


Unfortunately it is not a msn, it is powered by BT with Sony which was an European exclusive only on the PSP.

Though if you’re talking about DS internet emulator you can definitely use MelonDS, it has internet connectivity which it can work with Wiimfi and etc.

You can get the Go!Messenger via, here is the link for more information pspxmbapps directory listing

There is also more information that was written by the authkr on the, “Go!Messenger - An instant messaging service with voice and video calling for the Europe and UK regions. No longer usable as the service was shut down a year after launch. Folder name is ULES00856. Icon appears under “Network” in firmwares 3.90-5.03 for the Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia regions.”

no, it’s a proper homebrew msnp client for nds

(i am InSanic, if you haven’t been able to tell already)

Though what do you think about reviving a messenger that is not MSN nor AOL nor Yahoo?