MSN Messenger/WLM for the 3DS?

escargot versions dont exist

my 3ds bricked too :frowning:

You do realize you can run ds homebrew on 3ds, although you would probably have to patch it, just gotta hope it doesnt use xmpp (like the mobile apps did.)

If someone could decompile it and it be based in MSNP15 or older then we could patch it

So now you want to make a new project out of it well you can go do it if you want But i searched in the web and that is just a google image.

no, it’s a real thing called beup live, it used microsoft? servers

EDIT: it uses MSNP9 or MSNP8. (1,2 Mo) here’s the thing, however, you need DS/3DS homebrew knowledge.

website:Beup Live

my 3ds is bricked so i cant even get this

Mine is broken actually

mine got bricked due to an idiot sending me a nand backup that was broken and bricked my 3ds

Mine isnt broken so i could test this if someone is willing to try to patch it, but i might look into trying myself, does escargot support those protocols, if so it should work.

i wanted to do some DSi stuff a while back, and since i’m planning in getting a New 3DS/2DS XL, i might code it now

i cant due to some idiot sending me a nand backup that was broken and didnt even come with games

did you make a backup of ur nand

sthetix made a video with a nand backup for all 3ds models

Guys, it’s only because of me that this thing will be alive soon. I found it. The messenger itself

No I dont

Does anyone know how to edit an .nds file? idk of any software and notepad++ shows junk data.’
EDIT: I am trying tinke to see what i can do.
edit 2: looks like i can extract files and look at them, but i cant open the .bin files.
edit 3: also i tried to hex edit the file. are you sure it doesnt have settings for the server?

ask RocketRobz in Github/Robz8 in GBAtemp, hes the one who made HiyaCFW for DSi and made TWiLightMenu++

hes also in the DS Homebrew discord server

MSNP9 is used for MSN 6.0, so try using all servers, i’d try using some WLM 8.1/8.5 ones