MSN Messenger/WLM for the 3DS?

Well seems like the patched rom only shows a white screen on my 3ds (with twilightmenu++)
The original runs though. Gonna see if theres connection settings now.
Well looks like i cant even get wifi to work with the ds (in ds mode), cause my router is set up in a way that wont let it work, so seems like i wont be able to use this. Sad

:angry: why do you always act that i’m not existing?

since when?

idk. since this theme rounded on, i was a bit good when i seed just 3 or 4 replies for a solution

CrystalTile2, it’s made for editing NDS ARM9.bin files

Il try rebuilding it, since i switched the original server with dots, instead of just replacing it

here we go again
crystaltile2.7z (2.0 MB)

bruh it got corrupted

Edit: i remade it, it seems to work fine with NO$GBA, i’m gonna try melonDS, coz of WiFi support

Beup Live (1.1 MB)

edit 2: apperently melonDS doesn’t work with homebrew, again, if someone can test it i would be thanked

and if u post this dont forget to leave credits do vriska too

Sadly i cant test cause of my internet setup, my router is set up in a way thats incompatible, unless someone finds an emulator that works.

we are just at one step of getting it working, WE NEED A WEP WIFI CONNECTION (dun dun)

yep. welcome back to 2006.

i cant cuz my 3ds is bricked

and also i have my phone as wep

Well, i suppose i could do that, but then i would use up my data. I dont have unlimited, unless i can steal my internet connection from my laptop and use that with the hotspot instead of using my cellullar connection.

The only way it could work now is if it used WPA, which means porting it over to the 3DS.

theme code for 3ds if you want so

what was it? a squid sisters theme? mario theme? homestar theme?

Since the source code isn’t available (i think), we’d have to contact the makers and see if they would be interested in porting over to the 3DS, which I highly doubt.

animal crossing theme from my nintendo


The source code for an early version was found
discussion about beuplive

Since I’ve seen no mention of it on messengergeek I thought i’d share the info.
it seems to require devkitpro and linux.

original 0.2 source

I’m pretty much a script kiddie so I can’t help much, but I believe just changing some values in msn.cpp is enough…

#define IP(a,b,c,d)	( ( (d) << 24) | ( (c) << 16) | ( (b) << 8 ) | (a) )

#define Dispatch_IP	IP(207,46,6,124)
#define Nexus_IP	IP(65,54,179,228)
#define Passport_IP	IP(65,54,183,198)

#define Hash(x,y,z)	( (x << 16) | (y << 8) | z)

#define Auth_Ver 	"VER %d MSNP9 CVR0\r\n"
#define Auth_Cvr 	"CVR %d 0x0409 win 4.10 i386 MSNMSGR 6.2.0205 MSMSGS %s\r\n"
#define Auth_Usr_Twn_I  "USR %d TWN I %s\r\n"
#define Auth_Usr_Twn_S  "USR %d TWN S %s\r\n"

#define Nexus_Start 	"GET /rdr/pprdr.asp HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n"
#define Passport_GET	"GET %s HTTP/1.1\r\n"\
			"Authorization: Passport1.4 OrgVerb=GET,OrgURL=,sign-in=%s,pwd=%s,%s\r\n"\

Eeerrreeee,we need it!