PSA: Notice on update to Yahoo! server

the old method of just throwing a username and password in the client login box has been removed, a registration system has been setup at and several needed efficiency improvements have been implemented. And of course a special thanks to OhHelloThereImTheGuy for providing the needed auth functions to handle yahoo’s crazy password authentication system.


Good job on getting everything refined. Especially when a certain someone basically supplied the holy grail that made this possible. :wink:

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well at least more so than it was for sure… still lots of uncharted territory ahead and lots of guesswork to do…

Also if I’m gonna be honest, the authentication method I implemented, which for some reason you can still use in YMSG11 and 12, was weak sauce compared to YMSG12’s actual authentication method, which makes the other auth method look like simple concatenation, let’s put it at that. :stuck_out_tongue: