So it appears that Wildman's Yahoo! server is back up ("four" the fourth time, eh?)

Same old same old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just know that with each reboot, I notice that old accounts are trashed, so you’d better create a new ID.


Will look into that later on.

Aaaaand it looks like @Wildman_Fujiami caught onto us and had shut down the Yahoo! server. Again.

Still not worried, though. I just wonder when the next reopening/shutdown period will occur. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I decided to login for the lolz and now the Yahoo! server is back up. And no accounts were trashed with it (not mine, at least).

You know what that means… :wink:

the yahoo server has not been the highest priority for me, thus it wasn’t set to restart when the power blinks out here, seeing as i rarely see anyone using it. as for the account trashing thing i’m not entirely sure how the reboot would effect it unless its something to do with passwords, i’m not good at reverse engineering cryptography nonsense and nobody is helping me with this so yeah :weary: having a function or module that can actually generate the proper hashes for the database and functions for the server that can properly interpret the convoluted authenticating that yahoo used would be a big step, then i would setup a proper page like Phoenix and maybe be willing to put more attention to the server program.

I actually have a proper setup for the authentication method you utilize in the YMSG packets your server sends out (which I actually can’t believe Yahoo! 6.0 intercepts with no problem). I just need to at least convert them into something VB .NET compatible, considering that’s what you use with this kind of stuff (or if it’s something else, tell me :slight_smile:)

IMO, you’ll have a new kind of trouble if you plan to implement the CRAM YMSG11+ actually used.

visual studio 2010 to be exact, partly vb .net and partly C# .net, framework 4.0

Heh. That’s the same version I have laying around. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I only know a bit of VB .NET and I’ve barely even touched C#. Hopefully I can expand my skillset and supply you some auth code in those languages.

I guess if I got YMSG Phoenix working well enough then I could generalize the backend connection I have in development for OSCAR <> TOC to even be able to communicate across to YMSG

phoenix is the aim server name, i guess “try to be original”?


So I’m trying to get the MD5Crypt library I coded up for the auth out of the way, and it doesn’t look like it was made for VB, as not only is it taking a century just to generate a test hash, but my CPU usage is near 100%. :cold_sweat:

EDIT: OK so now it dropped and the test program is just sitting there. Wonderful.

100% cpu usage is normal for me

Because you use Firefox and Opera, which are now resource intensive for XP use. :stuck_out_tongue:

I now use firefox :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nojus2001 what is your cpu ?

It’s cooled down now.

Plus I don’t think the rise in CPU % was the program anymore, as I just tweaked and tested it out and no more problems from here. :sweat_smile:

Intel atom 230 1.60 ghz and 1.60 ghz

that explains alot


So it’s official. Wildman is actually bringing back the Yahoo! server. More details are available on Wildman’s thread here.

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