New Escargot website finished!


Do you remember @Spriteclad’s design for the Escargot page? Well, guess what! I made it a reality! :smiley:

You can see it at! I really hope you like it.

The “How to patch” thing is something I couldn’t do because I only know English and Spanish, but if you help me, translating the instructions to your language, PM me and I’ll do it! ^^

Also, please report any bugs, anomalies or things that don’t look good or just suggestions via PM or email at :slight_smile: (you can also add me on escargot with that email :wink: )

Again, I hope you like it; I’ll be waiting for your feedback!

-Maigol :3


Very nice design and it explains very well the purpose of MSN Escargot.

Nice work!


Well, all the credits for the design go to @Spriteclad… I just made it into HTML.


that’s really cool! this is awesome!


I have to admit, I am impressed. Good job!


Looks awesome! Good work Maigol!


I’ll show this to @valtron, very good job @Maigol!


congrats. someone inform valtron


I already did it, @alzcore397


this is so cool!


I can traslate the how to patch in Polish if you want.


So cool man clap clap clapPerfection


poor translate to russian, seriously

Replace plz:
зарплата -> размер
исправленные -> пропатченные
недоступные -> чистые



He used Google Translator, he can not speak Russian or other languages :stuck_out_tongue:


Good job , i like it !


This should be the main Escargot site its really cool


Good work @Maigol!


Good job @Maigol, I like it!


That’d be awesome! :smiley:


well, I do agree that @Maigol could have asked for help with language translation but everything else is awesome. it definitely should be the main escargot site.