New Escargot website concept


Been working on this concept for a little bit cause I feel the current site design is a bit lackluster. Tell me what y’all think! (NOTE: this was made in Photoshop. An HTML version of this doesn’t exist yet.)


BONUS: A download page concept I quickly whipped up:

New Escargot website finished!
Just don't watch that
New Escargot Design

way too cool for my eyes

it’s powerful

is this concept art or actually almost finished


It’s concept art. I wish I could code HTML well enough to make this an actual webpage.


WONDERFUL! Guys, @valtron need to see this.


could take a while for it to actually be finished

if that design was on the webpage, it would make it like 9000% prettier


Sprite, my friend, You did so nice! I really love it.
I would LOVE to see something like this on the actual website.


THIS is the type of content we want in this forum, heck yeah!! >: D

This is so good, man! Great design :smiley:


Great! But I would add a few elements from the style of Windows Live)))

for example


@Spriteclad Congrats Excellent Job!!! I will inform Valtron for this


perfect !!! i love this concept ! :heart_eyes:


I like it, good design


this is awesome!!! i really like the colors!! <3!!!


add the Windows live Messenger 2008 in unpatched versions


Looks brilliant!!!


love it!


This looks really nice. Could you maybe post the PSD file on here?


the Concept it’s Beautiful. i Want see soon. :3 I hope leave concept to converter in reality. <3


Really wish to see it soon :smiley:


Splendid! This concept would suit the website pretty well.

PS: Also not sure if it’s just my point of view but the download page concept looks slightly similar to the Firefox’s download page(that one with the downloads for all languages and OS versions)


WLM 8.5 Was not meant to be supported, until someone smart enough to find out it was using msnp15