Microsoft ending support for classic Skype (version 7) N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶1 January 8



i just installed the newest skype 8 version for linux,
And that version appears to function normally.
So yeah idk


Yes, Skype 7.36 is dead.


Yup seems like unfortunately.


for some weird odd reason, now i have running skype 8 for linux on my laptop.
And wenn on my desktop windows now skype 7 does work again.

i’m now doing some more testing.


Well it has reconnected so I guess not :stuck_out_tongue:

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For me it works again, back online connected with skype 7
on windows.

Me happy again. :smiley:


Unfortunately Skype 7 seems to be officially dead.
Even the 7,41 for buisness version can’t sign in anymore.

sad times.


What exactly happens? It is working fine here. In general, if you upgrade and then downgrade through the 7.36 through 7.41 versions, it seems to reset something and it’ll work again.

Everyone seems to have a different version that “works” for them, so it’s not specific to any version.


I might try that indeed.

What happens is that the 7.41. version at startup loads a page,
with the prompt to update.
You cannot get passed that screen to insert you login.

Maybe i could try to downgrade to 7.36 again.
But that version prompted me to upgrade a while ago allready.
The 7.41 for buisnesses does not have an update meganism build in by default.

#92 XP working here :stuck_out_tongue:



Nope no succes with downgrading either.
They seem to have somehow putting an update notifier mechanism,
in front.
As soon as you open the skype application, it loads a page inside the application,
that prompts you to upgrade.
There is no possible way arround it, to get to your login fields.


Have you tried Skype ?


i run windows 7 not xp.


Also pretty much confirmed.
1 first comment at the page.


So yeah my suggestion, dont sign out if you did not do this already.


it doeant matter if you dont run xp,it works on 7


Okay i will try it.


Did you try to sign in and out already?


I signed in and signed out 5 times oj skype 7.36 without issues and no updater poping up

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Okay well i’m currently on skype for linux.
And installing a windows vm to test it out.

I’m not sure which country you are from.
But it might be an process that goes in steps.
Since i believe @TReKiE is from canada, and i’m from europe.