Microsoft ending support for classic Skype (version 7) N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶1 January 8

If they could just add split screen to skype for desktop.
Then i would be totally fine with running 8.
Allthough is garbage, but the most important feature it misses is sepperate chat windows,
per user.
This feature will not be broaght back in the skype 8 for desktop versions. is allready confirmed.
Only the windows10 store version seems to have the feature.

I looked at the new skype and the proxy at here still shows that Skype Web(the new one) still uses the MSNP protocol


Unfortunately no luck with either.
So i guess you are still lucky for as long as it lasts.

I have tried manny versions of skype7.
But non are working, you cannot get to the login fields anymore.
As far i can see, they somehow managed to change the login page.

I suppose there is no option left then to upgrade to 8 for now.
If anyone finds any solution or work arround let me know. :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately. Picture related.

Still working here :stuck_out_tongue:

With all my heart, I HATE SKYPE, Especially incoming call ringtone BOO - BAA - BOOO - | | - BAA - BOO - BAAA.
Enjoy a 1hr ringtone until you’ll hate it.

Does anybody hate Skype?

To be honest, that call ringtone give me nostalgia.

Cool you want to drive a thread off-course because of bias. Haven’t seen that in a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

i love the old skype ringtone. the new one sucks

Yup got the same issue, tried gazillion different version already.

Till now the only way to continue using Skype 7 will only work for a very few users.
You can create a new shortcut for skype,
and then add username and pass to the target rule.
That way some users still manage to login.
However this method only works if you have an official skype ID.
It wont work with mail .

Well since pretty much all decent IM clients are kinda dying.
There isn’t really much else that is better if you depend on im.

The only real issue i’m having with skype 8 is the lack of features.
And the most important feature it lacks is separate chat windows.
Also the performance of the new client is terrible.

I have never liked skype as an application, it’s too bloated and not enough simplicity. They should bring a new protocol for a client like MSN Messenger with useful features and no ads.

if you didnt logged out you can still login on skype classic.but the version is already malfunctioning like you cant add new contacts etc.

i think the end is coming by the end of the month of the next (may)

Skype web time ;p

who cares about skype,here we dont have yet wlm 14.x

besides skype is not a trend anymore.
whats app viber etc are much more popular.

viber? hm i never saw anyone using it

it depends the country you live

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make sense, in brazil whatapp basically dominates everthing