Microsoft ending support for classic Skype (version 7) N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶1 January 8

EDIT January 8 2019:
Okay it finally happened today.

Although despite what it says in the message, this is showing on a new login, it hasn’t shown up yet where I’m still signed in. So the servers supporting Skype 7 are still working as of now but it doesn’t seem you can sign in to them.

This is the first thing to happen since that September announcement, November and December came and went without any changes.

EDIT: Sept 27 2018:

As we continue to focus on and improve Skype version 8, support for Skype versions 7, and below will end on November 1, 2018 on desktop devices and November 15, 2018 on mobile and tablet devices. Although you may be able to use older versions for a little while, we encourage you to update today to avoid any interruption.

EDIT: Aug 8 2018:

Based on customer feedback, we are extending support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype classic until then.

Original from:
We are encouraging everyone to upgrade now to avoid any inconvenience as only Skype version 8.0 will work after September 1, 2018. As we roll out improvements, there comes a time when we must shut down older services and application versions. This is done to ensure that all customers have the best possible Skype experience, and that there are no quality or reliability issues resulting from old technology and new technology interoperating.

And yet they still do not have a way to download your conversations from the Microsoft servers or an API for hardware devices (like headset buttons) with Skype 8 or Skype UWP…

Also, I don’t claim to be the expert here and haven’t done full research into all the various Skype platforms/software to be 100% sure, but this may also be the end of MSN Protocol (at least on the client side) as Skype “Classic” uses MSNP24, whereas Skype 8 is a wrapper around a web application.


Welp it means skype. is dead on xp :stuck_out_tongue:

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But i dont care, cuz i, use msn :sunglasses:

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press F to pay respects :frowning:


F :sleepy:

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inb4 “Skype Classic Reviver” :stuck_out_tongue:



Classic Skype reviver 7 csr7

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r.i.p skype 7 , i will miss you ;-;

Had a feeling. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i think its a good moment to beg everyone here to enter in the messenger geek skype group :stuck_out_tongue:

all of Skype uses msnp but there is a chance that it may phase out soon enough.
here is a quote from a Github page.

Despite what Microsoft claims, MSNP is far from dead: Skype uses it,’s chat feature uses it, and the Messenger app for Metro uses it.

I even tried to dump the msnp on skype and it worked. doesn’t display the msnp version though. click to see page even if it hasn’t been edited for 2018 yet. this information is still useful.

and i use a patched Skype 5.5.

Can you send me that please? :cat2:

Get me a noose. :cat2:

even metro app still works i dont know it uses msnp22 the last version of msn used msnp21.very difficult to make a bridge

skype uses msnp24 not msnp21 or even msnp22
also, the reason I said it doesn’t show the version of msnp is that it doesn’t show it.
but yeah anything that has to do with MSN service will use the MSN protocol. like and MSN messenger and metro and now Skype. Metro does use a different version of msnp.

Microsoft really wants you to have the optimized-for-windows-10 shit on your computer.

can u plis give me dat pached skyepe 5.5

bye bye skype :frowning: