Microsoft ending support for classic Skype (version 7) N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶1 January 8


OUF its bad


boy , skype 8 and skype for windows 10 arent the same thing


skype for windows 10 is an anniversary update and is pretty much pre-installed. version #1607


does anyone know if the messenger app on windows 8.0 does still work?


Considering that Messaging used the same servers that hosted the MSNP versions for MSN, since as stated before, Messaging used MSNP22 for communication between the server and users, that’s pretty much dead now.


skype online have skype 7 ’ s desing so not everthing is lost


Skype 8 looks really like a mobile app… What’s next? Mobile Edge on Desktop?




I’m sure that is what comes next :stuck_out_tongue: it usually does


Is someone going to bring the version 7 back after Microsoft ends supporting it?


someone here posted 5.5 patched.if he did that then sure he could patch 7 when its retired.


And they backpedalled…

UPDATE: Based on customer feedback, we are extending support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype classic until then.




Oh boy it was the same thing with xp :stuck_out_tongue:


at least the customers can continue their use of their favorite skype version.


No, IIRC Microsoft gave up on Edge months ago and made a Chrome extension to use Windows SmartScreen


and… now it’s November 1st (15th for mobile).


i can still sign in and out of 7.41 fine


The end is near…


Does anyone hate Skype?