Microsoft ending support for classic Skype (version 7) N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶1 January 8


Some people


i not much


Seems they’ve finally taken action on this today, see new edit in the first post.


that’s very sad, oh well R.I.P skype 7




wait will the message history be gone too or will it just be converted to the new skype?

BTW: skype is long gone from what it used to be (light weigh), so how worse can it become now, it lags even when version 7


you’re absolutely right


i found a way to sign in still but you need a skype address


skype 7 never lagged to em, but skype 8 is extremely heavy


Well there goes the last decent Skype clients.


Nah,still working for me


probaly because you are on windows XP and windows XP dont support skype 8



Like you posted in your article the 7.36 version still works,
but for how long who knows?
I also tested version 7.39 which doesn’t work either.
So the update push code isn’t only in the 7.4x versions only.


No, it really isn’t. Now I am concerned as it is trying to activate from somewhere specific. I installed a much older version and it is pushing this.


Hey Scott, may we know what version(s) you’re trying and which of the upgrade messages you’re being pushed?


I don’t know which particular versions @Scott has tried allready.

But i tried:

  • 7.41.
  • 7.39.

Non of these work.
Unfortunately i dont have any other versions then those i think.
Maybe 7.37, 7.38 versions might be worth trying, if you still have those arround.

One interesting thing if you downgrade to 7.36, its getting installed along side skype 8.
Skype 8 doesn’t get uninstalled.

I’m not sure up untill which version of skype still has windows xp or vista support.
But maybe that might have something to do with that?


The last version of skype for xp/vista is 7.36(7.38 nags you to upgrade)


how make work skype classic 7 in xp ?


i use skype 6 on my windows 7 computer


i do have contacts i just edited them out